Sunday 5 April 2009

Oman: April arrives

April and Gail arrived this evening from America. April is Mrs M’s alter ego; wise in the ways of pills and potions and gardening (she is a specialist in juniper blight fungus). April’s mum, Gail, had some of the finest wood on the east coast of the United States.

The airport was filled to capacity as we arrived just before 11.00pm. Hundreds of cars stood in stationary lines to enter the main car park while other vehicles tried to squeeze into any remaining space rendering all movement impossible. One chap was unable to decide which of the two car park entrances to take and so took the average of the two, ramming his go-faster spoiler into the kerb. It made a nasty grinding sound as he reversed into the queue to take make a second attempt at the barriers.

An hour after touchdown, April and Gail arrived through customs with big smiles disguising the relief to be in Muscat after travelling for around twenty hours. They needed tea.

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