Monday 6 April 2009

Oman: the tour begins

April and Gail Slept until midday. Mrs M Tours commenced immediately with the Oman Dive Centre.

The ODC boat was suffering from a spot of engine trouble forcing it to return to shore for a new driver (?). This gentleman took them to a fairly useless location devoid of fish and coral, so Mrs M, as expedition leader, requested they relocate to somewhere more suitable. He had no choice but to oblige.

They swam like little mermaids. Gail adopted a technique of laying motionless on the surface of the water to attract curious sea creatures which was working well until the men started thrashing around frightening all the fish.

A short while later, they were on dry land with sufficient daylight for Mrs M to drive back within the speed limit. Our guests were treated to a carbo-loaded meal for tomorrow’s punishing schedule.

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