Saturday 11 July 2009

UK: The worst café in Britain?

Al and I drove back to London leaving the girls in Falmouth. The journey took seven hours due to a fire on the A30 and congestion on the A303. We found a relic of British culinary history just before Yeovilton. The toilet block outside the sinister looking and inappropriately named ‘Jolly Diner' smelt of stale urine. Inside the café there was a faint whiff of cleaning fluid masking the smell of decades of grease. The staff wore yellow nylon dinner-lady outfits. The walls were decorated with bizarre pictures and hand-written signs, including one which threatened extermination if outside food was consumed on the premises. It’s hard to imagine a worse place to eat.

Hotel Daisy is situated next door to our house in Hampton. The owner and namesake, Miss Daisy, was a bit aloof but her staff, Mandy and Simon, looked after me splendidly for the evening. Hotel activities included a blind taste test to see if we could identify the difference between Tesco and Bombay Sapphire gin. My sleep was somewhat erratic during the night as I had to fend off the owner’s advances on a number of occasions.

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