Tuesday 22 September 2009

Oman: night time architecture

Az Zawai mosque - Al KhuwayrYet another photo opportunity to capture the Az Zawai mosque in Al Khuwayr with a crescent moon (not the Japanese comic) in the background was marred by stuff getting in the way, this time a footbridge and street furniture. Crossing over the bridge, my attempts to take a few head on pictures drew the attention of a large number of the footbridge loiterers and those that had survived being dumped on the hard shoulder in taxis and baiza buses.


Anonymous said...

There seems to be some sarcasm in your words..'dumped on the hard shoulders'You seem to be looking down upon people who travel in taxis and Baisa buses.And thanks for the new word..Baisa buses..I will remember that.

livinginoman.com said...

Absolutely no disrespect to anyone who travels in a taxi or baiza bus was intended. It was a comment aimed at lunatic taxi and bus drivers who perform outrageous manoeuvres in order to deposit or pick up passengers in dangerous places, particularly under footbridges.