Monday 28 September 2009

Oman: our phone worries are over

If you have not figured out a way of circumnavigating the telephonic restrictions imposed by the monopolistic communication companies (they’ll never understand that), then have no fear. Omantel is working on a cunning plan to introduce VoIP ‘in as little as six months’. However, ‘it is too early to announce the tariffs or packages as feasibility studies are only just beginning to be carried out’ and ‘although the service will not be able to compete with the [illegal] cut-price Internet cafés on cost, the company’s VoIP service will offer a range of additional benefits’. Ooh, how exciting, like what?
The comedy continues....’we always listen carefully to customer feedback, so we know that this service would be welcomed’. You don’t say. ‘It is, after all, Omantel’s duty to demand allegiance to [their own self-imposed] rules and regulations’. This is the best bit....’Telecom companies in Oman pay a lot of attention to social causes, and if this issue is properly addressed, then maybe the companies will think of some price correction'. After all, they only made RO73.083 million profit in the first six months of 2009.


mechakcha said...

VPN service is the way to go.

I would also recommend an OpenVPN provider to the classic PPTP providers.


Arif said...

very well said, and above all there is a Department called TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority), What they exactly do, I have no idea, other then paying heavy salaries to Omani,s studied abroad on Govt expense.
I am Using ADSL since Three years and not single baisa is been reduced.

Banning on VoIP is like turning your back from rising sun. I don't know how far they will go

Anonymous said...

They conduct raids in places providing voip servises.They arrest people involved.Is Voip a crime?And now they are trying to sell voip.Clever guys.