Sunday 13 September 2009

Oman: you try polishing nails in rubber gloves

While waiting for the shops to open yesterday evening (7pm to 1am during Ramadan) I read an official Muscat Municipality announcement directing all commercial establishments in the country to provide hand sanitation liquid dispensers for customers from tomorrow. All shops dealing directly with the general public, irrespective of their nature of business, must maintain a sanitation liquid slot machine [I think they mean 'dispenser'] at entrances and exits. Any establishment found to be taking the directives lightly and not following the instructions will be ‘punished with fines and or other punitive measures’.

As reported yesterday, the municipal authority has also instructed barbers and beauticians in salons [and saloons] to wear facial masks and gloves in order to avoid direct contact with customers. When Mrs M went to have her nails done today, she was confronted by a beautician wearing a facemask and rubber gloves. She laughed.

Apparently there will be spot inspections and offending shopkeepers will be charged with ‘various punishments’. Residents and citizens can also snitch on ‘erring barbers, beauticians and other shops’ on a toll-free number.

Bloody silly.

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