Tuesday 3 November 2009

Oman: I'll tell him we've already got one

Today's itinerary included the Grand Mosque, souq, marina and palace. While our visitors marvelled at the mosque’s magnificent architecture, in a bid to find something new, I found intrigue in the man in charge of Brasso cleaning the little number plates on the shoe racks.

At the souq, I had a long conversion with a splendid Omani stallholder in his early sixties who thought it was his duty to carry on working after retirement. After years of being dragged around this place, I was delighted to find a shop selling holy grails.

On the way to the palace, my suggestion that we recorded a commentary onto CD met with some derision from Mrs M, but I still think it’s a good idea.....’and if you look out of the left hand window, you will see the new concert hall which will begin its first season of Christmas pantomimes next year’. I think it would work. ‘You have one hour of free shopping time at the souq. Please ensure you return to the car promptly.....”. I mulled it over during lunch at the marina.

In the late afternoon the chaps played in the pool. Clean pants, slacks and cravats were donned for dinner at the Shafaq.

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