Friday 25 December 2009

Oman: Christmas Day

The children* were as excited as ever at the sight of the presents around the tree on Christmas morning and we were soon wresting with over-engineered wrappings and knotted ribbons. Santa had chosen very well.

Following breakfast comprising Al Fair’s (slightly cheesy tasting) croissants and coffee, we prepared the pit for the turkey. An hour later, when the fire and coals had died down, we placed the turkey in the pit and covered it with sand with a small marker so that we could locate Christmas dinner.

A few hours later, Al butterflied the duck which had been marinating in fragrant olive oil, lemon, onion and rosemary. This was placed on an extension of the main fire, followed by the pigs in blankets. The stuffing sat over the fire on a separate grill. The par-cooked vegetables caramelised nicely on the Weber while the sprouts, bread sauce, peas and gravy bubbled on the gas cooker. The spuds had absorbed too much moisture overnight and required a number of different strategies to achieve an acceptable level of crispiness.

Around 3pm, we uncovered the turkey which was perfectly succulent and juicy. Slight panic ensued as we tried to bring all of the dishes together at the same time. Finally, we sat around the table for the traditional photograph before tucking in to what has become our most memorable family meal.

*Now 28 and 26 remember

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Anonymous said...

It all sounds wonderful and you'll never forget it....lots of love and christmas wishes to you all from Ian and Jan xx