Thursday 24 December 2009

Oman: ‘Twas the night before Christmas on Fins beach

The usual preparations* were required before we could establish camp on Fins beach to celebrate our traditional Christmas in Oman. The traditional thick layer of black clouds over the mountains behind did not detract from the excitement. The men gathered wood while the women decorated the tacky Carrefour Christmas tree with cheap baubles and red tinsel.

During early evening nibbles, we realised that something was missing, so the Children, thanks to years of Blue Peter training, crafted beautiful fairies to go on the top of the tree.
We enjoyed a light dinner of racing-driver’s ears** while singing along to mother’s scratchy collection of festive tunes.
Santa was on his way....

* Picking up rubbish left by DISGUSTINGLY FILTHY DIRTY PEOPLE.

** Stuffed pasta resembling Niki Lauda’s ears after 1976.

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