Thursday 18 February 2010

Oman: And finally...

Sushi Sheraton Qurum ResortAfter a morning of book shopping in Shatti, we returned home for the chaps to relax around the pool while contemplating their return to London, which was about 30 centigrade lower than Muscat. I don’t think they wanted to go.

As Jamie had been hankering for Japanese, we took them for a final treat to the Sushi night at the (Sheraton?) Qurum Resort, which serves a 10 OMR fill-your-boots buffet. Jamie’s verdict? Best restaurant of the trip.

While waddling back to the car, I wondered if anyone had studied the effects of letpin on the brain during the consumption of Japanese food, because clearly it doesn’t work with sushi.

The usual airport formalities passed with only minor signs of emotion. As we walked away, I imagined Jamie’s belly exploding at 30,000 ft from expanding sushi.

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