Sunday 28 February 2010

Oman: One last camping breakfast....

Sunrise - Ash ShiruqMrs M normally sees stunning camping sunrises in photographs on the computer after the event. However, her sleeping bag must have caught fire this morning as she was involved in hair and makeup activities while the sun was still close to the horizon.

The ladies swapped sunburn stories during breakfast as the smell of bacon and freshly-brewed coffee filled the air. Ian’s early morning equipment fiddlings were somehow misinterpreted as packing up and by 10 o’clock, our kit was back in the car and we headed along the deep ruts in the soft sand to the coastal road.

The drive back to Muscat was broken for lunch at the Turtle Beach Resort, which was remarkably empty considering it was a holiday. The second leg to Muscat passed quickly on almost empty roads. The only incident was on a section at the end of the Amrat road works where a car squealed along with a front wheel sticking out at a rather unconventional angle.

Back home, as darkness fell, I dumped most of the equipment in the garden (because it won’t rain, will it?) and washed the two cars with a heavy heart. Afterwards, I sat nibbling an egg toasty and remembered Mrs M’s words as we packed up the tent for the last time, ‘shall we throw it away now?’. It’s still with us.......just in case.


hnd said...

Just sorry that we only fairly recently discovered your blog - and thanks to OtherOman for that.

You've brought a great big smile to our faces on many occasions (your cartoons re cars/driving are absolutely priceless).

Wish you all well for the future.

Andrew Brown said...

I, too, have enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing part of your lives with us. All the best to you and your family as you leave this fascinating land! God bless!