Friday 11 February 2011

Singapore: Au Petit Salut

Quail stuffed with foie gras - Au Petit Salut, Dempsey VillageWhile Mrs M stuggled to get a taxi, I sat with a glass or two of Pernod in Au Petit Salut in Dempsey Village. Celine Dion had just finished warbling ‘Pour que tu m’aime encore,’ when she arrived forty minutes late, providing me with ample tardy credits to use over the next few months.

Half a dozen snails preceded crispy shredded pork for Mrs M while I savoured the oven roasted French quail stuffed with French foie gras and wild mushrooms served with mashed potatoes and brown jus. Nicely cooked, well presented and quite delicious. The special occasion warranted a cheese plate which rounded off the meal nicely. Most agreeable.

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