Monday 14 February 2011

Singapore: The Tippling Club

Tippling Club Valentine MenuIf your idea of a good meal is getting change from a $5.00 note – look away now. If you own a copy of Harold McGee’s ‘The Curious Cook’ or know about Fat Ducks, Maillard reactions, water baths, cooking asparagus correctly or have spent hours trying to produce triple-cooked chips then you are in for a treat.

The Tippling Club in Dempsey Village offered a seven-course Valentine’s menu which included carrot and curry moose, smoked capsicums eaten with tweezers, scampi with kuzu noodles, foie gras apple, a vegetable garden with porcini soil, venison with beetroot, apple snap cereal and a desert odyssey with sudachi, yuzu and edible meteorites. Each dish was paired with delightful wines which were shared with Mrs M to keep down the understandable but eyebrow-raising cost.

After a few decades of partnership, we don’t normally bother with Valentine’s Day, but this was one to remember.

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