Sunday 4 September 2011

Indonesia: Farewell Bali

Mrs M was asked to remove her hat by security staff at the airport and then quickly asked to replace it when the staff saw the mess underneath from the bandages and greasy, unwashed hair (she was not looking her best).

A small Norwegian child in the seat in front on the plane squawked for the entire flight, but I don’t think it was anything to do with Mrs M 's appearance. Hat removal was required one more time in immigration at Changi before Mrs M was able to hide in a taxi away from the curious stares of the general public. My role as nursemaid and (mostly) sympathetic companion will have earned a considerable number of brownie points.

Bali definitely has charm – I think we should return.


Suburban said...

Oh My God. Tragic, yet hilarious.

Please give my regards to Mrs.M and best wishes for a swift recovery.

Mr. Steve said...

Thanks Sub - will do. It's amusing now but I guess it wasn't at the time.