Monday 12 September 2011

Singapore: More Burger King saucy ads

Burger King burger bun boobs

The latest in Burger King’s sniggery schoolboy-written saucy adverts are decorating bus shelters in Singapore. Previous ads featured a mind-blowing super seven-inch, juicy and flame-grilled sandwich heading towards the lips of a wide-eyed young lady, while the adverts in November last year included men and women ‘saucing-up old flames’ with lips covered in white sauce.

In the latest ads, the advertising agency decided to place the burger buns in pairs to look like boobs along with a ‘they only look the same to men’ tag line. How they must have laughed when setting up the photo shoot. I have to say I admire their balls (hey, an idea for the next campaign?). Still, if you eat this type of food you probably deserve to be ridiculed.