Thursday 13 October 2011

Singapore: we're going to the zoo.......but you're not

Adventure scooters - Singapore zooAfter an enjoyable family day at Singapore zoo last year (never thought I would say that), Little Miss M requested a return visit to feed the animals. Mrs M worked out a programme for today’s visit that included the passing of large chunks of fruit and vegetables in the direction of the whiskery lips, trunks and slimy tongues ofGiraffe feeding - Singapore zoo white rhinos, giraffes, manatees and elephants.

Movement from one feeding frenzy to another was assisted by the use of the zoo’s yellow ‘adventure scooters’ that had been rented for the occasion, which were forbidden on our previous visit. So glad I was not there. Mrs M’s cheeks puffed with excitement as they passed other envious visitors who were perhaps unaware of Mrs M’s record of accidents and injuries. No injuries were sustained or inflicted on this occasion.

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