Wednesday 2 November 2011

Sri Lanka: Gangaramaya Temple

Buddhas, Gangaramaya Temple, Colombo
The Gangaramaya Temple near Beira Lake is a Buddhist temple, centre of learning, museum and collection of relics, antiques, artefacts and junk.

After leaving our footwear with the keeper of shoesBuddha, Gangaramaya Temple, Colombo and socks, we entered the dimly-lit main room which houses a collection of statues, ivories, woodcarvings and assorted items covered in varying thicknesses of dust. Passing through another higgledy-piggledy collection of clocks, replica Buddha teeth and gold items in glass fronted cabinets, it was necessary to paddle through water to read some of the inscriptions on a display of photographs of ancient artwork from historical sites on the island.
Statue - Gangaramaya Temple, Colombo
The temple’s baby elephant was just going for an evening stroll along the road as we entered another temple in the grounds housing a collection of ancient prayer books. It was all very chaotic, but interesting.

We returned to the shoe and sock man who provided a somewhat well-used cloth to dry our feet as he returned our shoes. While seated, I noticed a statue of a lady with big boobies which slightly overshadowed the religious and cultural significance of the temple. The shoe man was not impressed.

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ha ha- that statue has good boobage xx