Sunday 19 February 2012

Singapore: The Chinese Gardens

Thick cloud over the Chinese Gardens in Jurong kept the ligTwin Pagodas - Chinese Garden, Juronght low and the humidity high as we wandered round before sunset.

Professional wedding photographers screeched instructions to ladies in puffy frocks and boys in shiny suits under trees near the Twin Pago
Tea House Pavillion - Chinese Gardens, Jurongdas. Another photographer fiddled with camera settings while his clients, dressed in comedy outfits, stoically kept their intimate pose. Small groups of men in their Sunday best listened to tinny music from mobile phones while pretending not to follow young ladies from a distance. Joggers jogged without any signs of sweat on their clothing. Groups of women picnicked raucously on the grass while around the seven-storey pagoda lovey-dovey couples starred childishly into each other’s eyes as if they didn't know what to do.

We watched a chap feeding the turtles with slices of bread which were hurled like Frisbees onto the lake before being consumed with gusto. Something however told us we didn’t want to visit the ‘Live Turtle & Tortoise’ museum.

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