Saturday 23 June 2012

UK: going home

Sadly, it was time to return to Singapore.

Terminal 3 was stuffed to the gills. This was the place that will form the first and last impressions for thousands of Olympic travellers over the next few months. Although not necessarily typical of the UK in general, Heathrow seems to be the centre of everything that is wrong with British customer service. Temporary facilities have been constructed and extra staff are being drafted in to deal with the immigration deluge, however, they seem to have missed the small things such as smelly toilets, long queues, insufficient seating, unhelpful staff, lack of restaurants and freshly-cooked food (and I don't mean fast food) which will form a lasting memory for thousands of tourists.

Twelve extremely long hours without sleep later, I visited the toilet in Changi’s Terminal 3. I rest my case.

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Suburban said...

I couldn't agree more regarding Heathrow.

Congratulations on the wedding! You all looked lovely. Stop through Detroit next time on your way back. Delta has a hub here, as well as KLM / Air France.