Sunday 2 December 2012

Singapore: Cartographic reunion at the Banana Leaf Apolo

Race Course RoadThat splendid fellow Mr Neil popped in to see us for a few days. Mr Neil is one of a slowly disappearing group of people that know how to plot an isogonal using a ruling pen, spline curve and weights.

The evening was an opportunity to catch up with another chum who has similarly dabbled with Rectified Skew Orthomorphics and choropleths. The meeting place was the Banana Leaf Apolo on Race Course Road where hundreds, if not thousands of workers in freshly laundered and ironed clothes congregated on their night off.

Banana Leaf Apolo, Race Course RoadOnce seated around the table, we ordered a selection that included Fish Amritsari with juicy fish fillets, Malabar Chicken in coconut sauce, a smoky Murgh Mali Kebab, Palak Paneer, Lamb (or was it Beef?) Saag Ghost, Aloo Gobi Mattar and a few mandatory tins of Kingfisher beer. The conversation focussed on births, deaths, marriages, separations, dalliances and gender reassignments back at the old factory.

Mrs M and I concluded that the wide range of flavours and colours of the food meant that the Banana Leaf Apolo was now our restaurant of choice above Samy’s Curry in Dempsey Village.

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