Monday 3 December 2012

Singapore: Gardens by the Bay

Cloud Forest - Gardens by the Bay
Wooden statue - Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay While Mr Neil knowledgeably discussed plants with Mrs M, I wandered a few paces behind sniggering at the phallus-shaped cacti in the Flower Dome in the Gardens by the Bay. It was like being dragged around by your mum and dad.

I felt more comfortable in the familiar surroundings of Pollen where a delightful cod, chips and mushy peas was consumed with a splendid tankard of cold and peachy Kronen Blanc.

Mrs M enjoyed a roasted beetroot salad with pomegranate and Mr Neil marvelled at a grilled peach and bresaola salad which, through the wonders of the Interweb, I now find out is air-dried salt-cured beef and not ham as we thought at the time. The waiter was not able to add more information about said dish, reinforcing previous observations about the one aspect of the restaurant which needs some development.

Cod, chips and mushy peas - Pollen, Gardens by the Bay After prodding a few more flowers and shrubs in the plant zoo and studying the mossy penguins with pink ear muffs in the Christmas display, we moved to the Cloud Forest as the storm strengthened overhead reducing the light in the dome to a dull grey. 

The water crashing from the waterfall in the entrance looked similar to the amount of water on the outside of the dome. The plants have certainly matured since our last visit in July, but otherwise there was little to catch Mr Steve’s attention. I think two visits are sufficient.........unless Pollen is included.

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