Sunday 23 December 2012

UK: Hairy wizards on the road to Falmouth

Port Pendennis Marina, Falmouth
Mrs M had rented a holiday home in Falmouth for the family festivities. Despite several days of heavy rain in the southwest of the country, the drive to Falmouth was remarkably easy with traffic only slowing near Stonehenge for drivers to gawp at the loonies left over from the previous day’s winter solstice activities.

We stopped in Exeter for lunch and to collect the shopping that Mrs M had ordered in October (yep). There was no room in the car, but somehow we squeezed in a ridiculous number of bulging carrier bags and continued our journey.

The holiday home in Falmouth was located in a gated community in Port Pendennis Marina. The well-equipped three-storey house even included an elegant green and silver Christmas tree in the entrance. The fridge and cupboards groaned with the additional shopping which supplemented the supplies brought by earlier arrivals. There was enough wine to sink a battle ship.

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