Saturday 5 January 2013

Austria: To Obergurgl

Hotel Apenaussicht, Obergurgl
The queue at the Thomson desk at Gatwick included people who looked as if they couldn’t afford an airline ticket and others who smelled of Christmas dinner.

On the Thomson Air ‘holiday flight’, the chief stewardess worryingly announced that the airline had a zero tolerance policy towards disruptive behaviour and the consumption of one’s own alcohol was not permitted. However, those that wanted to start their holiday in style could purchase a bottle of Champagne at £28 or a half bottle for £14. Boxes of sandwiches and other delights such as chocolate fingers were also available at reasonable prices. A fantastic range of gifts, gadgets and jewellery were available for Duty Free purchase. Mrs M was initially excited by the ‘clotted cream tea in a box’ special but after a short lecture about the likely quality of said comestibles, she returned the money to her purse.

Conditions inside the cabin were not ideal for persons of height. The distance between the backs of the seats was one-and-three-quarter size thirteen shoe lengths. There was an air of excitement in the cabin not heard on normal flights. After one-and-a-half hours of incessant chatter, the plane landed as if someone had forgotten to inflate the tyres and then rattled to the terminal. Baggage collection resembled the opening day of the January sales. Similar chaos ensued outside of the terminal, but we managed to identify our bus and were soon driving on twisty and increasingly snowy roads to our hotel in Obergurgl. Once in the village, we checked-in to the Alpenaussicht Hotel where Austrian efficiency had us seated at the dining table for a
late five-course supper within 15 minutes.

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