Sunday 6 January 2013

Austria: Ah...the smell of a mountain top café

We opened the curtains at dawn for our first glimpse of the village from our balcony, which brought back memories of our early skiing holidays in Europe thirty years ago. We breakfasted heartily. 

With the exception of the Snow Dome in Dubai, the last time we skied was in 2005 on the east coast of the USA - there were still quarters, dimes and nickels in the back pocket of my ski pants from that time (they had been laundered). A ski pass, fabric sunglass case and a sausage-shaped lump of paper were later discovered in the jacket.

The first couple of hours on the slopes were not pretty due to the limitations of ageing bones, muscles and joints. Nonetheless, we creaked down most of the slopes that were becoming increasingly lumpy before Mrs M required refreshment. There is no better place for a cup of hot chocolate than an Alpine mountain top café. The sights, the smells, the sounds, the food……ahhhhh. 

We waited for the Roßkarbahn chair lift to open in the afternoon and were among the first to ski down on the freshly prepared piste. We stayed on the mountain for the rest of the afternoon until spherical bellies from a late lunch forced an end to the day’s activities.

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