Monday 13 May 2013

Malaysia: Bagus Place Resort on Pulau Tioman

The Tree House - Bagus Place, Pulau Tioman‘Have you got your passport, dear?’ I enquired as we sat in the car before departure. After years of abuse from the family regarding my retentive powers, I was going to milk this one for all that it was worth. There were no signs of life in the ‘resort’ office, so we left the key outside and headed towards Mersing at 08.30am.

Sea view - Bagus Place, Pulau TiomanOur early arrival was entirely unnecessary as the ferry was 40 minutes late leaving the jetty. We disembarked at Genting which is the first stop on Pulau Tioman and boarded a speedboat which took us to the Bagus Place Retreat. Huge bow waves covered the passengers as the boat flopped through the choppy sea; Mrs M looked like she’d been snorkelling by the time we reached the resort.

The resort has a small number of huts built on the rocks behind a small private beach. We unpacked in the cleverly-named ‘Tree House’ and headed for lunch. Mrs M stuck to her low carbohydrate principles with a chicken salad while I rebelled against her low carbohydrate principles with a rather splendid Mee Goreng.

Sunset - Bagus Place, Pulau TiomanIn the afternoon, while Mrs M was being nibbled by sand flies on a sun bed, I explored the path to Mukut village in preparation for the full hike to the Asah waterfall tomorrow. 

As the light faded in the early evening, we sat in the jetty bar with cold beer and 'one of those nice milkshakes'* (piña colada) to watch a glorious sunset. 

At bedtime, we opened three sides of the octagonal hut to allow the breeze to add to the cooling effect of the two fans. It was quite delightful.

*Deviations from the 'zero-carb' regime are apparently permitted when it pleases Mrs M.

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