Tuesday 14 May 2013

Malaysia: Swollen limbs and jungle hikes

The Tree House - Bagus Place, Pulau Tioman
Mrs M’s arm looked like a Zeppelin this morning from whatever creatures had been nibbling her on the beach yesterday. At breakfast, the cook provided some paste which, when mixed with water and rubbed on the skin, would treat the swelling and itching. Mrs M applied said treatment and with an arm looking like a battered piece of fish, resumed sun bathing and snorkelling activities on the beach. Meanwhile, I spent the morning under a shady tree sketching our hut with the occasional interruption from the staff and inquisitive insects.

Asah waterfall - Pulau TiomanAfter lunch, with a large bottle of water and sensible shoes, I headed off to the Asah waterfall. From Bagus Place, the trail leads through the jungle to another resort and eventually to a microwave tower. From this point, there is a concrete path which leads to Kampung Mukut after a forty-minute walk. A further forty minutes are required to reach the Asah waterfalls. After climbing the concrete steps to the top, I was ready for a dip in the cool water which was simply delightful.

Sunset - Bagus Place, Pulau TiomanFully refreshed, I headed back at a faster pace, completing the return journey in exactly one hour in the company of monkeys, butterflies, monitor lizards, birds and the occasional human mounted on two wheels. It was wonderful.

Back at Bagus Place, I consumed three more cans of water and a cup of tea creating a stomach that wobbled like a hot water bottle. An hour later, Mrs M and I sat in the jetty bar to watch the daylight disappear before we strolled over to dinner where we dined heartily on plates of splendid Nasi Goreng.

Post dinner activities required nothing more than sitting on the balcony of the hut to watch the sea trickle back and forth under a starry sky. Superb.

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