Wednesday 15 May 2013

Malaysia: Last day in Bagus Place

Bagus Place, Pulau TiomanThe Bagus Place staff said they would take us to the Tekek jetty which is the main embarkation point for the Tioman ferry. The boat makes five stops on the island: Salang, Paya, Tekek, Air Batang and Genting. They were concerned it would be full by the time it reached the last stop of Genting and we would have to stay the night again.

With a small packed lunch for the journey, we boarded the speedboat which glided across the smooth sea past the dismal Berjaya resort to Tekuk. We had to wait for more than hour, but at least we were on the ferry. Although it did stop at Genting, the boat was completely full with standing-room only before it turned westwards towards the mainland.

Bagus Place - Pulau TiomanPassengers wrapped in blankets, shawls and sweatshirts huddled to each other to keep warm in the freezing temperature inside the main cabin. Two pairs of young British travellers in the seats in front talked the hind legs of several donkeys. The chap next to me kept trying to watch bits of Family Guy on my laptop that were perhaps inappropriate.

We soon warmed up once we had landed in Mersing. We fought our way through the chaos, walked to the car park and headed south to rainy Singapore.

We were disappointed to have lost one night at Bagus Place, but it provided sufficient justification for a return visit. 

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