Sunday 8 June 2014

Brunei: Masjid Sultan Omar sketch

Masjid Sultan Omar sketch

Masjid Sultan Omar at nightThis was another sketch which began in daylight but ended in total darkness, except for the light cast by the lamp under which I stood on the footbridge which cuts across the circular lake. Three boys with a rusty bike came back on several occasions to check on progress and seemed quite chuffed to have their photo taken with the sketch.

Although the shadows of the spotlights on the mosque were drawn at the time, the shading was added on the flight back to Singapore like the previous sketch. In a burst of enthusiasm, several other sketches suffered the same fate on the flight. I was drawing with alternating hands due to cramp - I think the man in the seat next to me thought I was a witch. 


Suburban said...

You know Steve, your drawing ability has really come on leaps and bounds.

Glad you and the Mrs are still out there kicking ass and taking names.

Mr. Steve said...

Thanks Sub - I don't really know what I'm doing yet, so every sketch is an experiment. Still, it gets me out of the house so that Mrs M can watch Game of Thrones in peace.