Thursday 30 March 2006

Oman: G & GP in Oman - day 8

The activities for day 8 started late due to the arrival of a team of surveyors who wanted to measure our septic tank. The team leader had no identification, but was equiped with a cadastral map which is rarer than a pork sausage in Oman, thus proving his legitimacy. Sewage pipelines will be laid in our area in a few months. Looking forward to that upheaval.

Nonetheless, we drove to Sifah beach for the day. We arrived just before midday, struck camp (twice), went in for a swim and tucked into Cornish pasties, samosas, rolls and beer. It was a little windy which distorted our shelter somewhat. Clouds moved in during the day and were looking quite angry over the mountains behind. This was dangerous sunbathing weather as it was deceptively cool (30C-ish) so we toasted carefully with plenty of sun cream. The clouds motivated a 5pm departure to an awaiting curry.

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flossie said...

ooh it worked! just thought id try it! Alex- sort it out and call me...
G & Gp look happy!
xxx you can all go shov your adventures in the sun, while I slave away in rain and with work.... poo to you with nobs on, we shall meet sir's on the hustings!(dad knows what i mean)