Shophouse sketches

Sketch 3 Craig Rd 7B Tong Watt Rd sketch Sketch in Kagurazaka district, Tokyo
NOX Dine in the Dark - 269 Beach Road Blu Jaz Cafe sketch 157 Neil Road sketch
Amoy Street sketch 90-92 Neil Road sketch 281 New Bridge Street sketch
Lime House - Jiak Chuan Road, Chinatown Shophouse sketch - 87 Club Street
Amoy Street sketch Holland Village sketch
Club Street sketch


Unknown said...

Hello! Used to live in Singapore, and I'm a big fan of these shophouse sketches. I'd love to have a set in my house to remember the time spent there! Let me know how to contact you to discuss more, thanks!

Mr. Steve said...

Hi Joseph,
Delighted to help. Send me an email to at gmail dot com.