Saturday 18 March 2006

Oman: the secluded beach

This is the superb location for this weekend's day on the beach. It is located about 40 minutes south-east of Musact in a secluded bay accessible only by boat. Our group comprised three families, two boats, two dogs, one jet-ski and assorted beach leisure goods. We set up base camp on the deserted beach and dived into the blue-green tea-temperature water to cool off.

Mrs M started on the inflatable rider towed behind the jet-ski, but favourite toy of the day was the jet-ski itself. She now wants one of those too. She was like a little girl with cheeks visible from outer space. Her enthusiam was dampened only by the temporary loss of a contact lens which was eventually found behind her eye ball.

Inevitably it was soon picnic time with samosas, chicken and other bits washed down with beer for the boys and wine for the ladies. All very civilised.

After a brief respite it was time for a bit of a snork to study nervous tropical fish in the rocks at the side of the bay.

With sunset calculated to the minute, we set of back to the marina for a spot of dinner where the boys planned an evening of liquid refreshment to counter the number of social events being being undertaken by the girlies.

The dogs snoozed under the table as it was time to head back home when it started to rain. There was the usual accident which delayed our return to the grumpy puss awaiting her supper.

A splendid day.

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