Sunday 23 April 2006

India: the Golden Triangle - Jodhpur to Kishangarh

After a long drive on lorry-packed roads from Jodhpur, we reached the 'Phool Mahal Palace' in Kishangarh, northeast of Ajmer and close to a town called Dudu (Flossie will like that). The owners of the palace are keen on local art and culture, and each room is adorned with beautiful hand painted murals. We visited the artist and bought a copy of the Indian Mona Lisa on silk. The original is in the maharaja's private collection which unfortunately we do not have time to visit.

As we were the only guests this evening, we were treated like royalty. We sat on the veranda sipping drinks as the sun set over farmland that until about six years ago was a lake. We were strafed by bats and harassed by nippy geckos. Our freshly cooked curry was consumed with passion and we strolled back to the room as contented as well-fed pussy cats.

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Whickers on Wheels said...

Hi Steve & Sarah,

Yes, we're reading and enjoying very much your travelogue. Your humourous reports on the hotels, food, drink, and means of transport are naturally of great interest. However, have made a note to avoid that place with no meat, eggs or alcohol.