Monday 1 May 2006

The Golden Triangle - Alwar to Delhi

From my voyeuristic position, I watched with fascination as the village below came to life. The smell of wood fires filled the air. Cockerels croaked, tuc-tucs chugged and beeped, dogs playfully barked, children were dragged to school and ladies brushed dust using an amazing bottom-shovelling technique we have observed many times. I checked for my camera bag twenty-seven times before departure.

The traffic thickened as we approached Delhi. Our driver’s mission was to find a pharmacy to re-supply Mrs M’s apothecary, which he did without a second thought. We completed our travels at Kumar’s Travel Agency and handed over the remaining cash. We thanked our driver, Chanan, once again for his hard work over three weeks. We cannot praise him highly enough. He was always punctual, polite, with a neatly pressed uniform and freshly washed car. We tipped handsomely. He drove us finally to the Imperial for an emotional farewell.

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