Thursday 22 June 2006

Oman: goat-lady hassle

We headed to the ‘Center of Travelling and Camping in Jabal Shams’ (their spelling) with the Darlingtons for some relief from the clammy Muscat climate. Within the last few days, the camp has created a website (, which upon investigation may require a bit more work. An updated version is promised in about two weeks.

At almost 3000m altitude, the temperature plummeted at night to mid-20C with no humidity. Even Mrs M did not need a hot water bottle. We took Russ’s mum to view the gorge down to Wadi Nakhur where she was harassed by a goat lady who just happened to have slippers, bookmarks and key rings for sale.

Post dinner, we sat down for a rousing game of monopoly. The ‘Here and Now’ edition contains roller blade, hamburger, skateboard and mobile phone playing pieces and neat clip-together apartments. The value of properties is in the millions with £2 million for passing 'Go'. All of which completely threw Mrs M. Early purchases around the cheap end of the board lead to my significant victory.

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