Saturday 26 August 2006

Nepal: the culinary pinnacle?

The hotel’s ‘Krishnarpan’ restaurant is legendary, serving dinner of six to twenty-two courses. Mrs M booked just six, while I went for the more manly sixteen (twenty-two would have been greedy). The décor was an elegant mixture of red and black colours, as were the traditional Nepali dresses of the sublimely elegant waitresses. After ritual hand washing and seating at knee-high tables, we were told to make a small offering before embarking on the culinary voyage.

And what a sixteen courses included oyster mushrooms, spicy mutton, grilled quail, boar, chicken-filled crepes, moumou dumplings, an exquisite Nepali chicken curry, vegetables, breads and sauces. Nepali rice wine was served from a great height into ceramic bowls, presumably to burn off some of the alcohol from this lethal concoction. After three and quarter hours, we staggered back to our room knowing we had probably been in one of the finest restaurants in the world.

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