Friday 25 August 2006

Nepal: pills and potions

Goldilocks decided the bedroom was toooo dark and tested the patience of the hotel staff by organizing a tour of every room to find one that was juuuuust right. Once found, Goldilocks could focus on her next quest……cheap medicines.

Nothing attracts a good crowd more than a couple of westerners buying large quantities of pills from street ‘pharmacies’ the width of a bookcase. Waving a few large denomination notes around guarantees extra spectators. Mrs M dragged her haul back to the hotel before we headed to Thamel.

The taxi, which had a slight whiff of vomit, was clearly short on fuel as the driver turned off the engine at every possible occasion. On arrival in Thamel, we paid the negotiated fee and wandered helplessly in search of ‘The Last Resort’ tour company to book a rafting trip. We now have a plan for the week, heavily dependent on sufficient numbers and the weather (neither of which look promising). We refuelled on moumou (a sort of Nepali dumpling) while observing rucksack-laden hippy-chicks negotiate the adjacent cash point) before heading back to base camp.

The Friday night barbeque night at the Dwarika draws a good crowd and we dined around the pool to the gentle throb of the live band playing 70’s classics.

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