Friday 4 August 2006

Oman: a spot of history

We decided to take in a little history of Muscat today by visiting the old walled town. We drove to the back of the palace that is set in a bay overlooked by four ancient forts. The area to the side of the palace has been extended in recent years over the former site of the British Embassy. Just around the corner from this location, we found the area where we believe Kate lived during her childhood (see below). We’ll have to take her there at Christmas.

On the return journey, we stopped at the giant incense burner that overlooks the main Mutrah port area. Although the park was closed, we clambered up the hill to the bottom of the tower to take photos and sweat profusely. There is a lift at the bottom of the burner that takes (very thin) people to the top, but the dangling wires from the lift button did not encourage us to return another day.

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