Friday 8 September 2006

Oman: the anniversary dinner

We celebrated a large number of glorious years of marriage at the Chedi. At least that was the plan but they were fully booked. Second choice was the Tuscany at the Hyatt. It seems that restaurant tables are becoming as bookable as aircraft seats. ‘We will call you back after 4pm to confirm’, I was informed on the phone. ‘Why, do they have a table or not?’ I complained to the slightly impatient partner of almost thirty- years. ‘They must be very busy’, I concluded.

On arrival we squeezed past the only other two people in the restaurant to our table (ok, it did fill up later). It was well worth the wait. The food was superb. Mrs M ordered veal escalope accompanied by a very pleasant Chilean sauvignon blanc, and I had a green risotto. To round off, a panna cotta was romantically shared, reminiscent of the famous spaghetti scene in ‘Lady and the Tramp’. A little pricey perhaps, but overall for presentation, service and quality of food, without doubt the best we have had in Oman so far.


Anonymous said...

kin ell Mr Mace, you are a busy blogger these days. A veritable modern day Judith Chalmers, but with less hair! Nice to read from you, so to speak. I'm fresh back from Sharm el Sheikh and from Croatia, where I have been diving and sailng respectively. Drinking in both of course, and at Ferrets wedding which was a good crack. Am entering my first running race next weekend - the Windsor half marathon, for which I have done sod all training in the last month. Any handy hints?!


Bleakers said...

Well done old chap. I'm sure that 27 years with Sarah has been anything but uneventful! Sarah - 27 years with Steve must have been equally entertaining!! And I certainly hope the next 27+ years are just as enjoyable. Can't wait to come over.