Wednesday 13 September 2006

Oman: seafood night at the Sheraton

Much flapping around was caused by our request to eat by the pool at the Sheraton. Perhaps it is still a bit clammy to eat outside for normal people, but the alternative is frostbite inside the restaurant. Tables, chairs and utensils were speedily gathered from the far corners of the hotel to accommodate our needs, and the waiter was keen to apologise for the mismatch in the heights between our two tables.

And so to battle. Al was keen to feed Jeff (his stomach), commencing with a substantial pile of assorted fish components. The ladies were a little more refined with their early assault on the buffet, but not much. I filled up on magnificent sushi, ginger and head-clearing wasabi. After a brief pause Jeff had warmed up, consuming succulent sea creatures until audible groaning filled the dining area, interspersed with the occasional rumble from the ladies. Non-aquatic puds, including chocolate mousse and an extraordinarily pungent piece of cheese finished off the meal. We waddled back to the car after paying the somewhat hefty bill.

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