Sunday 29 October 2006

Oman: the Muscat sites

Before Mrs M could take Mandy & Simon on the first item on the agenda, a cunning plan was needed to hoist Mandy into the Prado. A low-tech solution was developed using the garage door prop and our silver dinner service box. The tour commenced with Muttrah souq followed by a photo opportunity outside the Sultan’s Palace. A juice stop at the Marina quenched thirsts before partaking of afternoon tea at the Al Bustan. By the time I arrived after work, only one stale scone and half a dolly-sized pot of jam remained.

The blood vessels at the side of Mrs M’s head throbbed with barely-restrained anger as the management informed us that we could not take a tour of the hotel which she had previously booked. Sensing the lady’s anger, the manager chappie relented and took our group on a private tour, including the suite used by the Prince and Princess of Wales and Michael Jackson (not at the same time, that would be silly).

After a barrage of suggestions from Mandy on wheelchair access improvements, the junior assistant deputy sub manager stated that the hotel was soon to close for a year for US $80 million renovation. About time too, I noticed a blemish on a wall on the second floor.

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