Thursday 2 November 2006

Oman: a nice bit of fish by the sea

I took Mandy & Simon for an early morning excursion to Muttrah Fish market. We bartered for tuna, prawns and I purchased two slabs of white shark meat for the cats from my usual man. With additional vegetables we headed back before the fish became too whiffy in the morning heat.

Late morning we departed for a lovely day by the sea at Sifha. Unfortunately we did not have a lovely day by the sea. Despite the fact that the car had been on top of the Sifha dunes on previous occasions, it decided to get stuck this time. A local boy cheerfully informed us that the nearest garage was in…….Muttrah.

After fruitless digging, we enlisted the help of an Omani who also became stuck in the soft sand. Further assistance was provided by two French-speaking Arabs who managed to free our car, leaving the poor Omani chap well and truly dug in. The French chappies then disappeared for lunch so I went to the nearby village for wood and brought back two locals for support. For an hour or more the group, including another slightly crazy gentleman, laboured to dig, jiggle and push the heavy Ford out of the sand. As the sun began to set behind the hills, the car emerged to everyone’s relief. After inflating eight tyres we returned to Muscat, grateful for the selfless attitude of our rescuers.

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