Tuesday 7 November 2006

Oman: Ras Al Hadd to Muscat

We decided to take M&S back to Muscat via the coastal road which is still primarily graded surface winding around sections of new road construction. In Ayja we picked up two locals who guided us to the small ferry across the bay to Sur boatyard. It was like stepping back in time with piles of timber and ancient hand tools stuffed around a line of dhows in various stages of repair. We took the ferry back to the car stopping to admire the setting: turquoise water, white houses against a backdrop of light brown rugged rock.

From Sur we headed to wadi Tiwi for lunch. We drove up the narrow track until the Prado was too scared to continue and executed a 180 degree turn on the narrow path. Lunch was taken in what would have been an idyllic setting without the sound of a generator from the road construction at the end of the wadi. Our packed lunches from the Ras Al Hadd hotel were consumed with passion and we finished with the strange unnamed grapefruit and lemon hybrid bought in Muttrah market.

After lunch we set up a modesty tent around the car door for Mandy to tinkle before heading back to Muscat. We stopped at Lulu’s for a spot of Chinese and sat sleepily around the kitchen table before heading to bed.

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