Wednesday 20 December 2006

Oman: the Kimmins fly in

The Kimmins clan from Poolesville arrived in Muscat after a mammoth journey from Washington. Tears of joy (or relief) ran down Kate's cheeks as they emerged from customs pushing a remarkably small number of suitcases. The girlies hugged and kissed while the chaps stood back and coolly shook hands and grunted. Miles appeared to be sporting whiskers like Wolverine out of the X-men.

Dinner plans were thrown into chaos when the gas bottle finally gave up (after more than a year). Hence Al and I went to Lulu for Indian take-away along with every other Indian labourer in Muscat. Sadly, there had been a rush on the potato balls, but we came away with buckets of the stuff which was enthusiastically consumed.

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