Monday 18 December 2006

Oman: so much wood

At first light, fisherman in garish yellow and purple boats hovered over dark patches in the sea, signposted as good fishing spots by seagulls above. The sun rose burning off ominous cloud formations over the sea allowing the family to toast a little in the morning heat. The boys later hunted for wood, returning with a pallet and numerous other chunks while the girlies applied more lard and basted. Floss reported feeling 'crusty', in need of a decent shower.

In the afternoon the old man that acted as unofficial advice-giver the last time we were at Sifha appeared. He asked for food so I gave him a highly nutritious combination of orange squash and a chocolate biscuit. After chatting for half-an-hour or so, he was last seen hyperactively heading towards the mountains.

We were itching to burn wood, so with sunset approaching the fire and barbeque were ignited. If the barbeque had failed, we could have grilled on Al's head which was now beach-ball pink (silly boy). We Pictionaried into the night to the background crackle of an enormously satisfying fire.

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