Wednesday 11 April 2007

Oman: of course it's not too hot for alfresco dining

After having their Japanese taste buds excited in Bangkok, we took Ellie and Russ to the Marjan restaurant at the Hyatt. Based on our previous visit, we promised them reasonable Asian cuisine at realistic prices. But hang on a mo……..the sushi combo I had before appeared to have shrunk and the sake was now an extra four and a bit rials (almost £6) whereas it was included before. Upon inquiry the young lady stated that what we had last time was an introductory offer. Miffed, I ate the thinly-layered nigiri sushi in record speed, taking comfort from big dollops of wasabi paste.

Meanwhile Ellie and Russ had embarked on four-course set menu which avoided anything raw. They thoroughly enjoyed the different dishes washed down with lashings of beer and wine due to the unbearable humidity around the pool. Waiters kept trying to take our menu away which was being used by the ladies as a fan, but madam lashed out at them until they gave up.

After noting the inappropriate visibility of a thong under a woman's white dress, we received the bill which came as a bit of a shock for our guests due to the inclusion of the previously mentioned drinks on top of an expensive set meal. Ellie will have to buy fewer tee-shirts next week.

Overall the food is good at the Marjan but expensive. The sushi is very average. Where is a chap to find good sushi in this country? My quest continues.

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