Wednesday 25 April 2007

Oman: taking a breather

After an extraordinarily leisurely start we drove to the Dive Centre to chill for the day. The setting up of our sunshade is obviously a great spectacle judging by the looks from many of the holiday makers. While sandwiching we observed a number of chaps sitting in the direct sun with a range of skin colours from milk white to Ferrari red. That's gonna sting.

Mrs M took Mike and Kay on one of the Dive Centre's organised snorkelling trips and once again had to instruct the driver (with appropriate bossiness) to anchor near a local island rather than just outside the bay where the usual array of spectacular fish were observed.

As the ladies were dining out later, we packed up camp and headed back to Muscat to put on something a little more glamorous than North Face hiking gear. We dropped Kay and Mrs M at Trader Vic's and drove around the corner to eat at Darcy's. Mike and I chewed a large amount cud in the hot and clammy evening which, we both observed, caused a certain amount of moistness in the underwear department. In order to cool down we headed to the Intercon pub to wait for the ladies and have a refreshing pint. Just after Joe Cole stuck one past the Liverpool 'keeper, they returned from the restaurant for a swift one before smoke and noise overwhelmed Mrs M enough to allow me to drive everyone home, missing the second half.

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