Sunday 27 May 2007

Oman: finding grass

As darkness fell, we collected our pre-ordered Omani meal from the mess on MAM camp. Russ had a strong desire to eat on grass, but as the gardens behind the taxis on MAM roundabout were closed, we racked our brains for an alternative patch of grass and headed for the Markaz Al Bahja*.

Under the lights of the Mawalih roundabout and the shopping centre, we laid out the dishes on the mat and tucked into daal, rice and grilled chicken with bare hands. Mrs M was recumbent for most of the meal due to a back injury sustained in Snake Gorge. Together with her dodgy bottom and other afflictions, she is in a right old state.

We drove back to Azaiabah for some grown-up refreshment where the Darlingtons devoted a little too much time discussing the characteristics of various ginger biscuits.

*'The Centre of Happiness/Joy,' a somewhat strange name for a shopping centre?

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