Thursday 10 May 2007

Oman: No Tsunami then?

At 4.30 a.m. I gave up trying to sleep and at 6.30 a.m. the entire camp was awake, including the Swiss couple eager to get back to Muscat. Half an hour later, the unthinkable happened as Mrs M arose with a certain degree of crankiness, which turned into oozing stress when the electricity went off. It came back on moments later and we strolled over to eat. Breakfast conversation included the fact that Duncan had been making sweet little noises in the night like a contented puppy.

After breakfast we hired quad bikes and mother raced Duncan with cheeks at full extent. He spent half an hour at full throttle except for moments of crazy stunt driving for the camera, before reluctantly returning the machine to the garage.

Once the hotel bill was settled, Duncan drove us out of the desert where we returned the tyres to their correct pressures for the journey back to Muscat on a road where the finest driving skills in the country are not displayed. The only sound on the journey was that of Duncan's head hitting the window as he slept.

On arrival at home we found that the cats and the laundry were still dry. The Tsunami predicted several days ago to strike today (by someone who clearly did not understand wave propagation theory) had not occurred. I mention this only for amusement - not to give the story any form of credence. We celebrated by lunching on Carrefour’s finest French bread.

In the early evening we consumed very large amounts of fish at the Sheraton’s sushi evening. Although we have eaten there before, we had forgotton just how good the sushi is - we now consider this to be our favourite place to eat in Muscat, perhaps with the exception of the Tuscany at the Hyatt. Even the chocolate mousse was rated by mother as better than the Shafaq – high praise indeed.

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