Wednesday 2 May 2007

Oman: shopping without Mrs M

Duncan's cultural briefing continued with a visit to the spectacular Grand Mosque. The heat melted the poor chap before taking refuge in the coolness of the main prayer hall to walk the blue carpet and take the mandatory snaps.

In the afternoon I took Duncan for a bit of manly reconnaissance shopping at City Centre Plaza to look at mobile phones and routers. At least he will not knock things over or complain about the 'unbearably loud' music. We came away with a r-oo-ter (not a r-out-er) which will be tinkered with over the weekend.

Plans to dine out began a few days ago with a suggestion of the 'Fish Night' which (after being moved from the Sheraton in Ruwi) is now not available at the Sheraton in Shatti. We drove to our second choice of the Happy Village behind the Sabco Centre which, according to a gentleman from the seedy, dark and musty bar below, is now closed.
Mrs M had one more restaurant up her sleeve - the Golden Dragon in Qurum. The menu is quite basic but the food was excellent. We ate with intrigue as we watched an old chap with two young ladies. I wondered how much that meal was going to cost him.

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