Sunday 20 May 2007

Oman: Snake Gorge

Before my work alarm went off, Mrs M was crashing around in the dark in order to take Duncan on a bit of a walk. The hike took place at Snake Gorge to the west of Ar Rustaq with the same chaps from Muscat Diving and Adventure that took them kayaking last week. The gorge gets its name from the narrow twisting deep ravine which attracts many lycra-clad people keen on climbing, jumping, swimming and other acts of derring-do.

The team comprised the guide, the guide’s assistant and deputy assistant, the guide's friend, Duncan and
Mrs M. They drove two cars to Wadi Bani Awf, leaving one at the end of the gorge before driving back to the start. There they kitted up and stored everything in dry bags in order to spend three hours jumping into pools and abseiling through passes and caves.

Towards the end the girls picked up the speed which Duncan matched to keep up with the talent. The remainder increased the pace as best as possible in order to avoid dehydration. This was a sterling effort by Duncan who has never undertaken anything like it before.

Back at the car, the girlies drove while everyone consumed lethal cocktails of red bull and chocolate. When fianlly at home, mother's batteries died on the sofa.

I of course, went to work.

Link to Duncan's Photos HERE

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